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Keith Was Sceptical

Regeneration or
by Roland Young

Adventures With 
Blue-Green Algae

This page is filled with true stories of people who have used blue-green algae and experienced benefit in their health.  There are also stories about animals and some segments that are informational.  You may want to bookmark this page.

If, after seeing what it has done for others, you feel that you or someone you know might benefit from taking blue-green algae, please email me (Joe) and I will help you, or them, get started.  Or, you can click the link to the left to Order Blue-Green Alage.

What Is 
Blue-Green Algae?

Once upon a time a life form known as blue-green algae or Aphanizomenom Flos Aqua began to grow upon the earth. It was so hearty that it has lived through extreme environmental changes up to this day! Because of its high nutrient content, it can pass some of its fortitude on to any living thing that eats it. Blue-green algae  at the base of the food chain.  Klamath Lake in Oregon is one of the only places on Earth that has the ideal ecosystem to support this wild food.

If you were to take some lava ash and human ash, you would find them to be almost identical in composition. This wild super food, blue-green algae, feeds on up to a 35 foot layer of lava ash in the lake bottom. It has recently been found that the composition of this wild food closely mimics breast milk, one of nature's most powerful immune enhancers.

About 7,000 years ago Mount Mazana, currently Crater Lake, was a volcano that erupted with a force some 300 times more powerful than Mt. Saint Helens. Through some many rivers and springs this lava ash, packed with nutrients, brings this source of life down into Klamath Lake, empowering this wild super food daily.

You see, the food we buy commercially does provide us with some benefits, but it is also tainted with commercial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Food that is accessed via agri-business derives its source of nutrients from the soil. The next best scenario is food organically grown, but still at best, it is only as good as its nutrient source.

By combining blue-green algae in our diets, we access a source of nutrients that are derived from one of the most nutrient rich substances on the planet (lava ash). This wild super food, actually fresh water seaweed, being one of the highest sources of chlorophyll, may cleanse, nourish, and rejuvenate the body along with the mind.

Does blue-green algae cure? No! You can only cure ham or leather. If the body has the ability to heal itself, the balanced nutrients in this wild super food may support the body to do its own work. The body always strives for balance, and even though blue-green algae does not heal, it feeds the body what it needs so that it may maintain  the immune system.*  Even though a person does not dramatically change their diet, eating this food can and may help the body to more easily achieve balance. You may notice you gravitate more towards eating vegetables as you eat blue-green algae. Your body will tell you what it needs. Listen to it.

Read the stories on this web site and see what others have experienced from eating blue-green algae.

Blue-Green Algae Baby

My daughter started eating blue-green algae when she was 15. At 19 she was pregnant with her first child and ate blue-green algae throughout her pregnancy. When it was time to deliver she didnít want to take any pain pills, so she asked me to bring her some blue-green algae if she asked for it. We didnít think about the blue-green algae effecting the baby.

Shortly before she delivered she asked me to bring her some blue-green algae, so I gave here about 6 or 8 capsules. Within a few minutes she was completely relaxed. When the midwife came in she noticed that the babyís heart rate had dropped from 160 to 120 and the baby was actually asleep in the birth canal. She had expected the baby to be severely traumatized due to the birth process. When the baby, Zoe, came out about a half hour later she was wide awake.

Zoe has been on blue-green algae consistently since before she was born. After birth she got it from her motherís milk, and later she took it herself. The only times that the baby didnít sleep through the night were while she was still nursing and her mother didnít take her blue-green algae. My daughter learned quickly to take her blue-green algae every day if she wanted to sleep all night.

At 27 months her doctor says that she is one of the healthiest kids he has ever seen, and she is ahead on her growth both physically and mentally.

Now my daughter is pregnant with her second child and I asked her if she would stop taking the blue-green algae for this pregnancy to see if it would make a difference. She was definitely not interested it that idea at all.

T.P. Santa Maria

A Tale of Two Women

Dear Reader,

Iíd like to tell you the story of two women I know. They are both 78.

The first one is tormented with arthritis pain, day and night. Sheís had surgery half a dozen times in the Last 15 years, and sheís still in constant pain. Now the doctors say they wonít operate anymore.

She is on three medications for high blood pressure. She has several more prescriptions for the arthritis pain and she has stomach pain from all the arthritis painkillers.

She is losing her vision, and also her memory. Sheís crabby and loses her temper over every little thing. Nobody says it out loud, but she and the people who love her know she only has a few years left.

The other woman is also 78. She just got married again and took a honeymoon on a lovely tropical island. She is not taking any medication. Her heart is fine. She drives her own car, does her own shopping, and keeps a beautiful garden. She even plays a little golf.

At family gatherings, sheís the joy of her children, grandchildren, and (soon) great grandchildren. Everyone loves to be around her.

Whatís the difference between these two women? Why is one vibrant, healthy and happy while the other is sick and miserable?

Some people will tell you itís all in the genes, or maybe one woman had a better doctor, or maybe itís just luck. They will tell you that getting heart disease or arthritis is like being struck by lightening. Some people get hit, some donít. There is no use thinking about it.

I donít believe that. I know itís not true because every day I work with people who are living a healthy lifestyle.

Thereís a lot you can do to make sure you end up like the second woman and not like the first one. You can start today. And the most powerful tools are actually the easiest ones to use.

What is more, it doesnít matter what age you are. You can start making the right choices now. 

Iím not saying genes or luck have nothing to do with health. But there is a lot more you can do for yourself than you probably think. The first thing you need to do is take advantage of the nutrition revolution.

(This is especially true if a person accesses their micro-nutrients and enzymes from a food source like blue-green algae, one of the most nutrient rich foods on earth.) Bold italics ours.

Pamper yourself. Thatís right: Pamper yourself.

Many people watch themselves fall apart in slow motion. Many young people in there twenties already suffer from headaches and tummy trouble, especially if they have a job and family pressure. (And who doesnít.)

In their thirties and forties they begin to experience back or joint pain. They get a spare tire around the middle. Their skin becomes dry and wrinkled. They feel tired all the time.

One fine day, their doctor tells them they have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Chances are he puts them on medication. Chances are the medication causes fatigue, depression, impotence or other problems.

One fine day, you wake up and youíre old.

It doesnít have to happen. In fact, it should not happen.

This isnít natural. Itís not an aging process caused by an aging gene. It is slow self-destruction by bad food, stress, and lack of exercise.

It canít be fixed by antacids for the stomach, pain-killers for back pain or headaches, water pills for the blood pressure, moisturizers for the dry skin, and crash diets for the weight problems.

All those things only treat symptoms. They donít get at the root of the problem. Modern medicine is big on treating symptoms, especially when it comes to the lifestyle diseases - the diseases that account for 80% of visits to your doctor.

Painkillers, for example, are handed out like M&Ms for headache, backache and arthritis. They donít do a thing for the underlying condition. All a painkiller does is cut the communication between your brain and the part that hurts. The pain is still there, but your conscious mind is not picking up the phone and listening. Meanwhile, the condition gets worse.

The way to cure diseases... of the arteries, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue and high blood pressure is this: Figure out the root cause of the problem - diet, lack of exercise, stress - and change it. But please remember - donít change your whole life at once. Do one thing at a time.

Dr. Robert D. Willix, JR., M.D.
Heart Surgeon

Dantzing With Wolves

Dear Reader,

My name is David Dantzer and I will tell you a little about myself before I share with you some major health improvements I have observed.

I am a Tennis Teaching Pro and a college coach. I have been voted Pro of the Year, Coach of the Year by fellow U.S.P.T.A. professionals in southern California.

I am currently President of Standing Tall Tennis, which is a non-profit organization which teaches tennis to Native Americans.

Twenty years ago I took a strong anti-biotic for a period of two years in order to clean-up a skin disorder. My sister informed me that, to take an anti-biotic for such an extended period of time, was not healthy.

I stopped the anti-biotic Cold Turkey and my body erupted in rashes, swellings and open sores. Medical doctors had no answers. Through my own research I found out that the anti-biotic had robbed my body of all bacteria, both good and bad.

Since then, I have taken cultures, Vitamin B-12, yogurts and acidophilus. Every remedy seemed to increase the symptoms. I placed myself on a very restricted diet and digestive enzymes eighteen years ago and have been existing in this manner since then.

Within minutes of taking acidophilus with blue-green algae, my body told me Yes, this is what I have been looking for.

Dantzing with Wolves
David Dantzer

Dear Friend,

We are affiliated with a group called the Pay it Forwírd Team. We have been able directly or indirectly to help over 400 families in one way or another maintain their health. 

Even though this program does not cure, research has found it can help support the immune system.*

One of the things we have found is, for some reason the program has been able to help maintain the fluids in the body for several persons.* 

We only ask a person to be open minded, coachable, and if it works to share the concept with someone else (Pay it Forward, so to speak.)

We would be pleased to help you in any way that feels comfortable to you.

Please call if you are interested.
Thank You

P.S. One of the parties (Richard Frantz) that was instrumental in our gaining knowledge of this program worked with Chinese herbs etc. On realizing the superior power of this program he switched all of his clients to this. It is much more affordable and dramatic in results. And it is also non-toxic.

I"m Back

Being introduced to blue-green algae has been one of the most remarkable finds in my life.  I began eating the blue-green algae in 1995.  I began noticing changes in the way I was thinking. Positive, ambitious thoughts began flooding my mind for the first time in a long time.

These thoughts were special, I could tell. I wasnít used to feeling that good. I will remember that day always. Many days after that seemed to follow with me feeling a sense of wellbeing. On days when things were stressful for me and I couldnít focus, I knew what to do, increase my blue-green algae. It would take anywhere from five to twenty minutes for my body to digest this green food and I felt unbelievably calm.

I learned that the blue-green algae has all the B vitamins the body needs to stay calm and focused, and since fresh water sea weed and all algae are responsible for most of the oxygen in the air we breath, I too love the pure oxygen being carried throughout my bodies cells. No wonder I was feeling energetic yet calm and capable. The way I am supposed to feel.

Sadly I lapsed away from the food for five years, but I never forgot how much better I felt when I ate blue-green algae. Recently I came back to life, Iím back. I began eating blue-green algae again. There were so many other benefits too, better hair, skin, better sleep, earlier waking up the list goes on and on. I knew I would eventually start eating it again.

This time I did go through some emotional cleansing for a while. Tears came easier, I guess I needed a good cry. This food is also great for helping the body and mind wake up. I like it better than coffee! No stimulant.

The main thing I recommend with the blue-green algae is to stay consistent with it, not just in the morning but throughout the day. We keep a bottle of water mixed with blue-green algae in the fridge each day so we can drink it whenever we need it.

I am so thankful for this food.

The Light of Day

Dear Reader,

About three months ago, in one of Santa Mariaís popular restaurants, I was introduced to blue-green algae. While eating at the counter, a person related instances of how eating a wild food was helping local people to support health and physical well being. I knew instantly that this wild food was for me. I began eating it almost immediately.

I noticed greater endurance in exercising activities.

I became aware of major improvement in driving abilities and reactions.

My skin and hair have taken on a kind of "shine"

Also, Iíve been feeding blue-green algae to my little, old animal (Mama Cat, some 12 years old). For her the world has changed. She jumps everywhere now, and plays like a first year animal. Her mind improvement and alertness is amazing. Even her yawns have changed. They are drawn out somehow as if her whole body is at peace. And the "Beat Goes On."

Thank you for the restorative, gift from God,

Sick and Tired of Being

Dear Reader,

The new me since taking algae and Acidophilus. I have now come to life and feel a lot more energy; sleep well, my memory is better and no longer do I have any mood swings.  Now I am going to enroll in some classes at the local College. As you can see my outlook on life is much more positive. I will stand behind blue-green algae or Aphanizomenom Flos Aqua and to me they are a God send.

It is wonderful to again have Pep to my  Step!

Stress Relief

Fresno, California:

There is a place that stress must be a household word. One family was experiencing major stress. The mother was going through a traumatic time. Her husband had left the family about a year earlier. She was sad and depressed all the time. She almost started crying as she was relating her story.

After drinking an algae cocktail, she started feeling much more calm, within a few minutes. She had a much more optimistic outlook on life and realized that no matter how bad it is, it beats the alternative.

Her little girl, age 12, happened into the room. She was very grumpy. Her mother had taken some much needed household money and sent the girl to Disneyland the previous weekend. When asked if she had a good time, the girl just frowned and acted cranky.

When asked if she wanted to try some algae that would change the way she felt, she agreed. In a few minutes, after having that cocktail, she began smiling, she just could not stop smiling. Since this was an unusual phenomenon, she left the room in confusion. Thereís nothing wrong with smiling, her mom said. Come on back in and tell us about your trip to Disneyland.

Well, the transformation was remarkable. She started talking away about her trip and how much fun it was.

Later she even shared the food with some of her friends. Truly, when your body gets the right nutrients, (there are over 60 vitamins, minerals and trace elements in algae) unique things can take place in your life.


I am my fatherís daughter; hard headed, stubborn with a heart of gold. I believed I could do anything and be everywhere at once, by trade I am a work-aholic. I decided to take 17 units and work 2 jobs, because letís face it life is short, and there is so much to accomplish. So I proceed to have 20-21 hour days not heeding the warning of my beloved parents looking out for my own good. So calamity befell me...

I had one high stress job that I had to report to work at 5am, I was on a swing shift so I would go to school until I had to return to work, after I was done with work I went back to school and once done there I would serve as an attendant for a partial-quadriplegic gentleman.

Unfortunately, although young and vibrant my health began to fail. I was having horrible stomach cramps; it hurt to sit, stand or lie down. I was also experiencing other stomach problems. I called the doctor. They told me to go to the emergency room. So I did, and was blessed with a battery of unpleasant tests. I was prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for my stomach, which would deaden the pain for about an hour, and then the pain would come back just as horrible as before.

So being the individualist that I am I decided to try something else. Something that my father had been telling me to take for years...Yep! You guessed it, blue-green algae. But I did not take blue-green algae alone I also took wheat sprouts with blue-green algae in them, blue-green algae and acidophilus. Well guess what? It helped.  And guess what? Mom and Dad were right.

The third oldest, but not the most stubborn

Tough Nut to Crack

One evening at a local gas station, was found an interesting person that was working there. This young man was an attendant at the station and had difficulty staying awake at night and sleeping during the day.

On eating some of the blue-green algae this young man was so impressed that the next day he shared what blue-green algae had done for him with his wife.

I donít believe that something so simple could do so much for you. She told him. She was not impressed.

You see, not only did blue-green algae help him stay awake when he wanted and sleep when he wanted, but it took the discontented attitude away also, it being a mood enhancer.  He was concerned about his wifeís lack of enthusiasm however, she could definitely benefit from this great wild food.

The party that acquainted this young man to blue-green algae asked Would you allow me to talk to your wife about this? You know sometimes, when people hear things from strangers, they take it better. The Prophet from out of town so to speak.

The young wife was pleasant when visited, but was not interested. This young woman felt so drugged out and anti-social that she was hiding under a blanket with only her face poking out. Well, after listening for a while she finally agreed to have an blue-green algae cocktail.

Boy! Within a few minutes after drinking it down, she went into the bathroom and was singing away as she readied herself for work.

Her husband was amazed when he walked in and saw her primping and tossing her hair as she brushed it.

Honey, I haven't seen you do that thing with your hair in a long time. Said her husband.

When she came into the front room, she began talking like a little magpie.

Am I talking a lot? She asked. I never talk, Iím actually kind of shy around strangers most of the time.

If you are relaxed and feel good, guess what? You will usually feel more sociable and more able to live up to your potential.


Oh. By the way, that evening this young lady went out to a karaoke contest and won! She has a beautiful voice, just never had stage presence.

Even their son noticed a dramatic improvement in school when he ate some blue-green algae but thatís another story.

Mickís Family

Dear Reader,

My name is Mick and my family and I have been eating blue-green algae for almost two years. We will never be without it. It has helped us all in various ways and continues to help us daily.

Over her first three months on blue-green algae my wifeís physical appearance improved, and her PMS symptoms decreased dramatically.  For myself I am benefiting from a more positive attitude, less mood swings and more sustained energy. 

We have two children, Micky age 6 1/2 and a daughter Gillian, age 5 1/2.  Gillian was also intrigued by blue-green algae, she taught herself to swallow the tablets and capsules before she was 4 years old. Micky is doing really well at school, especially in reading and spelling. We continually get comments about how well behaved our children are.

I recommend blue-green algae to everyone! You donít know what youíre missing until you try it. Having good health is a marvelous feeling. 


Samís Changes

Dear Reader,

When my family started on blue-green algae, I had many questions and I called the person who acquainted me a few times a week. I called to ask questions about the effects of the blue-green algae, to share good news and I called just to make sure they were there! My son, Sam and I noticed the first changes in my husband Jim. He actually turned from a short-fused, tense individual into a real NICE guy in a short period of time. People at work wondered what was wrong with Jim and what he was doing! Needless to say, many of those folks are now blue-green algae eaters and are enjoying the program. We encouraged Jim to CONTINUE THE blue-green algae NO MATTER WHAT! He has more energy, quick to laugh and a general overall feeling of goodwill.

When our son Sam, was in the 5th grade, he would "tense up" when he was presented with a math test. After a couple of months on blue-green algae, he was able to focus and achieve straight Aís. He was also put into the GATE program for 6th. As for me, I felt more energy, and internal calmness, woke up earlier and didnít require naps to get through the day. I find myself getting more things accomplished and I sleep sounder. The results have been amazing for us.


The Little Girl with a Curl

You remember the story, when she was good, she was very good, but when she was bad she was horrid. Well, this story is about a little girl with a curl that was four, she was very demanding, oftentimes disobedient, what most persons would consider normal behavior for her age.

She had lost both parents in a car accident, when she was two, and was being raised by her grandmother. The grandmother had been taking blue-green algae for some time but could not get the little one to try it.

Finally, one day after following advice of a friend, the grandmother put blue-green algae in the little girlís chocolate milk. What a change in this little one, once she felt the calming power and good feeling she asked for it every day. She had a special cup, that she would mix her chocolate milk with blue-green algae in it.

She could tell when grandma and grandpa hadnít taken theirs because they would become crabby. So she would remind them to eat the blue-green algae.

One day, the little one came in and sang a little prayer song to her grandma, it went something like this:

Thank you God for this beautiful day of life

Thank you God for my Grandma & Grandpa

Thank you God for our home

And last but not least,

Thank you God for my blue-green algae that helps me be

A good girl & helps my Grandma and Grandpa

Feel good and be happy.

So convinced was this little one of the positive benefits she had seen in herself and her grandparents and even how one day it helped her hamster when he had gotten sick.

Grandma, would you take me to the cemetery where my mom and dad are? Asked the little girl one day.

Why honey? Asked the grandmother.

To this the little girl replied, I would like to sprinkle some blue-green algae on their graves so they can come back and be with me.

Well, we know the facts, but wasnít that sweet?

Child of The Earth

Dear Reader,

My name is Quentin Dennison. I am a child of God and a dweller in physical form on Planet Earth. I am 72 years old and have been a vegetarian since 1952. I have also been a student of the natural way of life since that time, as well as a student of life. Believe me, being a vegetarian, and trying to live a natural lifestyle in this present era of junk food, fast food, highly processed and refined food raised on soil that has lost most of its life force and minerals through aggressive chemical farming treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides and herbicides, is not easy!!!

In the late 1970ís after working several years as a strip miner in a job that was hot, heavy and chemically toxic, my health began to fail. Imagine! I was still a young man and endeavoring to the best of my knowledge and ability to live the regenerative life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Through endeavoring to help my wife, who was much older than I, get her health back, I came in contact with a health practitioner who would diagnose using Dr. Jensen's method of Iridology. He got both my wife and myself on a bowel management program, which did help very much along with a few diet changes.

In 1989 I lost my first wife and 18 months later remarried. By that time I had not only cleansed my body but also got all the amalgam fillings out of my mouth which had been slowly poisoning my body and playing havoc with my digestive system for the past 30 years. I can truthfully say I had forgotten what it was to feel good and was very much overjoyed to feel good again.

My second wife's health wasn't good so in 1994 we moved to Lompoc, Ca., where she was born and raised.

In 1998 her health began to fail and after a two year illness and much suffering, she passed away.

Why am I telling you all this? Because going though all this and after moving to Lompoc I sort of slipped away from the eating habits I had learned that kept me healthy.

So with this slip in my eating habits and growing a little older I didn't feel on top.

Now thanks to blue-green algae or Aphanizomenom Flos Aqua Iím on top again. It is a pleasure to see the changes taking place in my body again. For the better that is!

I really was at my wit's end. I was approached with blue-green algae and acidophilus.  I started off slowly on the blue-green algae at first, which was very wise.

The first thing I noticed was the ability to sit and stand straight again without effort on my part. The second thing I noticed was I wasnít all tired by about 3 or 4 p.m. The third thing I noticed was a vast improvement in my short memory and an improvement in temperament. (More patience with people and circumstances of life.)

Over the years since coming in contact with Dr. Bob Standfield and becoming somewhat familiar with Iridology, I have watched my Iris change and since Iíve been taking the blue-green algae that change has been much accelerated.

Itís one thing to know a thing mentally but itís a much better and greater thing to experience it in your livingness.

At 72 Iím looking forward to many years more of being a grandpa to the brightest, most intelligent and most beautiful girl in the world and building a good Bee business selling local, natural honey and pollen.

I am so grateful! I am so grateful! I am so grateful!..for the opportunity of living life and more abundantly. First to God then to those of my fellow man who God has brought into my life to assist me on my journey back home to him and his kingdom.

Sincerely and Lovingly,
Quentin Dennison

Godís Will For Us ---

That None Should Perish

Iím a bi-polar, or (manic depressive) alcoholic with an addictive personality. My name is Patrick. My wife, Mickey, and I are newlyweds as of 11/03/2002; we will have shared 15 months as husband and wife, still honeymooning!

Mickey and I have been on the blue-green algae program of rejuvenation for the past 16 months, ever since we met out coach at the Nipomo Swap Meet where we work weekends.

He did not impress me at first but his Medicine Wagon did. You need to see it to believe it. I had to stop Ė look and listen, twice! But the third time was the charm. Over the past 16 months of eating blue-green algae daily maintenance, our program has reaped many benefits as the direct result of doing what works best for us. 

Little Lady Named Holly

Dear Reader,

This little lady happens to be a small dog who had been in our family for over 14 years and has never been treated as anything special. She has all her legs but hops around on three legs when she gets excited, but she has had to hold her own with big dogs all her life. However, in the last 3 to 4 years, Holly has started to slow down as most of us do as we approach old age. She wanted only to sleep, would not go for walks, and seemed very stiff, and appeared to be in discomfort when she moved.

About 14 mo. ago, my wife and I decided to try blue-green algae on Holly and she reacted almost instantly. She now trots around on her three legs, barks at almost everything again, enjoys short walks with me again and is much more alert. She is getting quite deaf but her quality of life has improved tremendously, and she is enjoying her old age as much as possible.

Amazing food!

Little Rascal "Spanky"

Dear Reader,

What started out as a routine trip to the grocery store turned out quite different. Traveling down a very busy street, I noticed a small creature darting back and forth and a lady in pursuit. After two other vehicles and myself stopped to help, the little one was rescued. The lady, who had two large dogs already, told me she was unable to help him find his home.

What a pathetic little creature. He was a small black and white Chihuahua that had not been fed properly which was evident by his skin being almost raw from behind his front legs to his tail. This area was all red with very little fur on his back and legs. He was nervous, apprehensive (growling!!) and hungry. A trip to the vet assured me he had no broken bones. Now it was time to get him back to a healthy little dog - thatís where Aphanzomenom Flos Aqua comes into the picture. I knew the algae contained all the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  I had been using this food supplement for over a year and had personally seen amazing results for myself. Now it was Spankyís turn! Adding a crushed tablet to his food twice a day, he began to look good and feel good. We took photos of before and after with a new hat to celebrate. At the same time, I put up signs, checked the pound, and made many telephone calls. No one came forward. Spanky began to settle into the family and still is a much loved Little Rascal. He could have affectionately and truly been named algae.

P.S. He doesnít like his hat but he does like his algae.

The Miracle

Dear Reader,

I am 36 years old and overjoyed that the Lord and a good friend of mine put algae in my life. What a miracle.

After only one week my hair was longer, my skin was softer, but the biggest relief it brought me is that I was able to make and carry out a decision, one of which I was sure would destroy me. It did not, algae gave me the physical and mental support to see it through and stay sane.

Week two took me from reaching for a brownie to reaching for a banana; my patience for people is better today than ever before.

Week three took me by surprise I kept smiling so much I thought I was turning into my friend.


We, at this point in time, especially in industrialized nations are being bombarded with poisons and chemicals in our air, water, and food. Couple this with over-farming of our soil, which is depleting it of minerals. 

Facts are showing that many humans, animals and plants are experiencing a dramatic compromise of their immune systems. Something as simple as formaldehyde, found in many carpets and in some clothing made of synthetic fibers, can stress the system and has been found to contribute even to ADD and ADHD along with other disorders. Minerals in the right amounts may help us compensate for such assaults. Our survival and physical longevity in the coming years is going to depend greatly on how strong our immune systems are.

By our not being fanatical, but enlightened, we may help our immune systems. Find and eat a food that grows in one of the most mineral and nutrient-rich ecosystems on the planet. A person should be sure to access a source of this nutrient rich food that has been harvested and processed in such a way that the enzymes are enabling one to benefit at the highest level the vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Come to the realization that the more wild a food is, the more adverse the environment in which it must survive, the more powerful may benefits be on the creatures that eat it, animal or human.

Alternatives to Health

Many people believe doctors or medication to be the primary source of healing. Actually healing is derived not from external factors, but rather from each individual's own innate natural healing power. Through surgery and medication doctors simply encourage the natural healing of disease.

"Disease" may be defined here as that condition in which the strength of the illness rises above the natural healing strength. "Convalescence" alternately then, means the condition in which the natural healing power surpasses the strength of the disease. There are two methods by which this process convalescence may be encouraged.

1. The principle methodology of Western medicine is to allow the level of natural healing to remain stable while attention goes to reduction of the level of disease strength to below the level of healing strength. For example, when people with a liver disorder take a medication it brings the strength of the liver disorder below the level of natural healing power. Therefore, it is said that the disease of the liver is cured. However, the medicine is strictly for liver disorder and has no effects on other disorders. In cases of general internal disease the medication may be effective for the liver but is ineffective for the stomach or kidneys. Consequently, the liver is strengthened but the stomach and kidneys break down, and the strength of the disease in that area continues to surpass the natural healing power; this is called "side effect."

2. It is felt by many that a blending of these two methods could be of benefit to most person's health issues. Consult your health practitioner before changing programs.

Blue-green algae does not cure, but nutritional research found in the publication The Optimal Health Report research being done by various centers including:

Boston University 
McGill University 
University of New Mexico
The Royal Victoria Memorial Hospital in Montreal
The Research Institute of Oncology in Belarus, Russia
Along with 35 additional Scientific and Medical References

The research states  Aphanzomenom flos-aquae can be beneficial with:


Nutrient List


Vitamin K  
Provitamin A
(beta carotene)
Pyridoxine (B6)
Cobalamin (B12)
Vitamin C
Folic Acid
Panothenic Acid
Vitamin E

Essential Amino Acids


Non Essential Amino Acids

Asparagine Alanine
Aspartic Acid
Glutamic Acid

Nutrients & Trace Elements 


Fatty Acids

Trace Stearic
Cholesterol (0)


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Persons with organ transplants or on immune suppressants should not eat blue-green algae because it can and may enhance the immune system. Persons on life sustaining medications or blood thinners or who have diet restrictions should consult their health practitioner with the nutrient list and inquire: "is there anything in the blue-green algae that could cause me harm?"

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*Disclaimer:  Though these are true stories, there is no intent to diagnose or treat disease promoted in this publication, nor do we wish to cast an unfavorable light on the health care profession.


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